Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Southern Guns, LLC

southern guns llc florida ammo sale mom an pop orlando longwood

Let’s face it: the age of local mom and pop shops is fading.  Most people can get all of what they want by heading to their local Wal-Mart, or with a couple of clicks on the internet.  When it comes to gun stores, it’s no better.  In many instances, you can go online and get what you want at a decent price.  If you go into a local gun shop, usually everything is marked up like crazy. 

However, I recently came across a local gun shop that gave me everything a big box store could, but with the interaction of a mom and pop shop: Southern Guns, LLC.

After hearing that name and going to their website, you’d think these guys have their own reality show on A&E.  I was worried about jacked up prices, limited stock, and so on.  Their prices online seemed pretty low, so I figured I’d stop by.

Right after walking through the door, I was greeted by the owner himself.  He asked if I needed help, and how I found out about the shop.  He, along with the rest of his staff, was quite friendly and very helpful.  I told them I was just looking around, and I was.  I looked into their cases and noticed the prices on some of their products, and the selection of products.  The prices are what you’d see on used guns, but these were all brand new.

I’m talking Smith and Wesson M&P15s for $599, bolt carriers for $99, Magpul Pmags for $9.99, Glocks for around $500, and so much more.  As we all know, what kills most local gun shops is lack of ammo.  These guys had it all including 9mm, .380, and more other difficult to find calibers in stock.  So how about the prices on the ammo?  As close to those low internet prices that you’re going to find.  Everything was so reasonably priced.

So now you have your ammo, you picked up a new H&K, but you’re about to leave because you don’t want a run-of-the-mill AR15 off the shelf.  Well, these guys happen to not only be full service guns smiths, but have their own AR15 company called Alpha Omega Weaponry.  They have the parts around the shop for you to build the exact AR that you’re looking for.  You can also pick up a safe to put it all in.

Now you have all your stuff, but you’re off to your local range to spend $100 on your concealed carry class to carry your new H&K.  Well, what do you know?  These guys offer the same high priced course you can get elsewhere, but for $30 this summer (2014).

I could babble on about how impressed I was with this place, but let me sum it all up with one sentence: this is the last gun store I will need to go to.

The next time you are in Central Florida, you need to stop by this place.  Not local?  Then check out Southern Guns online and place your order.  You will not be disappointed.  When you stop by and you’re asked how you found out about this place, make sure you tell them that The Random Firearm sent you!

Have any more questions about Southern Guns or other local gun shops?  Tweet us @RandomFirearm, or leave your questions in the comments below.  Stay safe, and keep shooting!  (Oh, and when you run out of ammo, don’t forget to stop by Southern Guns for a refill!  Your wallet will thank you.)

southern guns llc florida ammo sale mom an pop orlando longwood

southern guns llc florida ammo sale mom an pop orlando longwood

southern guns llc florida ammo sale mom an pop orlando longwood

southern guns llc florida ammo sale mom an pop orlando longwood


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