Friday, September 25, 2015

Lyman Essential Gun Mat Review


Sometimes there is such a simple product that comes out, you have to stop and think, why didn’t I come up with that?  Lyman Products makes one of those simple, yet VERY effective products: The Essential Gun Mat.

When I clean my guns, I use a towel.  That towel is stained, dirty, falling apart, and smells like Hoppes No. 9.  Though, that last part isn’t exactly bad.  Anyway, this product changes that.  Basically it is a nicely sized, rubber mat that has cutouts for your gun, and it’s made in the USA!

It has ten different storage areas to keep parts of your gun from rolling away.  Each pocket is also indented to keep any cleaning product you may use from getting all over the place if you happen to spill it, or if you just typically use a lot of cleaner.  Here are some measurements, though I will say that it fits a full sized Smith and Wesson M&P9 with ease.

Full Mat – 15.875 inches x 9.9375 inches
Main Pocket – 8.6875 inches x 8 inches

The rubber that it is made out of claims to be non-slip, but it still can move around the workbench, though firearms (since they have more texture) will stay more firmly in place on top.  One thing I will point out about the material is be careful how/where you store it.  It will retain some memory of how it was stored last.  You can see in the video at the end of the review that it was a little warped after I transferred it from the first filming location to the second.

Being that it is just a rubber piece, if you want to clean it, just hit it with a hose or run it under your sink.  When you are done, store it flat to prevent warping, and you’re good to go for the next time!

This is a really simple yet well thought out and very effective tool to add to your gun cleaning arsenal.  You may end up finding even more uses for it around the house since it can end up being very convenient.

Want one?  Head on over the Lyman Products to get your Essential Gun Mat, and tell them The Random Firearm sent you!

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