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Sharpens Best Knife Sharpener Review

sharpens best knife sharpener review the random firearm

When I was a kid, I was obviously too young to collect firearms. So, I collected knives and swords. I managed to amass quite the collection. The only problem with knives is that using them makes them dull. I got away with a cheap sharpener for a bit, but it started to wear out. When looking online for a new one, I came across a site called Sharpens Best.

While their site was cool, what really got me was their YouTube channel. Millions of views, over 30,000 subscribers, and lots of cool things being done with sharp knives. I was sold. I decided to reach out to them and ask them about their sharpeners. Long story short, they hooked me up with some stuff and I agreed to review their “Poker Chip” sharpener. They also wanted me to torture test it, but we’ll get to that in a little bit.

Their Poker Chip is their smallest sharpener, but all of them function the same way: they all have a piece of tungsten carbide in them. This piece of metal I was told would never wear out, and it leads these sharpeners to having a lifetime warranty.

sharpens best knife sharpener review the random firearm

sharpens best knife sharpener review the random firearm

I first took the sharpener to my day jobs and stole every co-worker’s knife or multitool that I could the sharpen. Every one of them was super dull and most had chunks taken out of the blade. For my on camera review, I picked an old, no-name brand hunting knife I have had in my collection for a very long time. It’s nothing special, but it’s one of my favorite knives. I’ve kept it somewhat sharp over the years, but I figured I’d sharpen it even more.

sharpens best knife sharpener review the random firearm

For a control test, I cut some paper with it as it was. The cuts were a little jagged, but not too bad. I sharpened the blade for a bit, and after I was done, it made the absolute worst cuts I have ever seen. It was worse! How could this be? I remembered one of the videos that Sharpens Best released. The man on camera said he was only using three to four ounces of pressure. I was using much more. I tried much lighter touches. I pretty much just let the weight of the sharpener and gravity do the work. The result? Super clean cuts.

Now, the videos they have on YouTube have knives that are much sharper. This was just a quick test. With only 60 seconds or so, the knife was doing very well. With a little more dedication (and perhaps a better quality blade), I’m sure I could be doing what they do in the videos.

sharpens best knife sharpener review the random firearm

sharpens best knife sharpener review the random firearm

All in all, I am very happy with the quality of the Sharpens Best products. Good size, work well, and lifetime warranty. What more could you ask for? Wait. What’s what you say? How durable are they? I’m glad you asked.

I guess Sharpens Best saw some of my other videos, because they asked if I could torture test the sharpener, including shooting it to see if the tungsten carbide would break! If you’ve seen my SCCY CPX-2 torture test, you know I started out by burying the gun for two weeks. Well, the same fate has happened for this sharpener! Stick around to see what happens when it gets dug up.

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