Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Good To Go | Book Review

good to go book review harry constance dylan benson navy seal team 2 in vietnam

When I read, I prefer nonfiction so that I may learn something. History books are boring though. When a true story is written down as a novel, I get hooked. That was just the case with Good To Go written by Harry Constance and Randall Fuerst. 

Good To Go is the true story of Harry Constance, a decorated member of Seal Team Two. It covers his time before the Seals, annoying times of trying to get in the Seals, during his three tours in Vietnam, and even his time after. It's written in first person, and written very well. 

His story is incredible. From start to finish, I found it hard to put this book down. This isn't just a war book. While all that is well documented in the book, it goes deeply into his personal life: family, relationships, friendships, and so on. 

Normally first person writings of nonfiction are not entirely my style. My most recent read before this was American Sniper, and while I have much respect for Chris Kyle, he's not a writer. The book, while an incredible story, was so poorly written. Good To Go was an amazing novel, and true. The last book I read that was this good was Marine Sniper. 

He focused on the story, and gave history lessons when needed only to help set the scene. He didn't talk about the free love and anti-war movements of the 1970s to state them. He made them part of the story. They affected his time overseas, and his relationship at home. 

Everything tied in together and came full circle. Every name he mentioned had a reason. The prologue and epilogue met. Everything detail flowed into the next to create one seamless and engaging linear story. 

That, perhaps, was maybe one of the book's only short-comings. There were some times where a double space, or maybe a new chapter would have been appropriate. Some things happened months apart, but were the next line. Still, the flow was good over-all. 

If you want to read a book about Vietnam, intense battles, struggling life back home, tactics, and backstabbing, then this book is for you. It sounds cliché, but I had a hard time putting this book down.

Have you read this book?  Let me know what you thought about it in comment below.  If you have any suggestions alone these lines, let me know as well!  For more book reviews, make sure you come back, and please check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Thank you for stopping by.


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