Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Warranty Review - SCCY CPX-2

sccy cpx2 review warranty service no questions asked compact 9mm handgun pistol

Just about anything these days come with a warranty.  For most things, an industry standard is 30 day.  On the 31st day, something usually goes wrong.  Firearms generally have a much longer warranty time period.  Some offer lifetime warranties.  Recently, many of my purchases have been geared toward which company offers a better warranty.  Smith and Wesson offers one, but only for the lifetime of the gun under the original owner.  Taurus offers one, but I hear they are harder to get a hold of.  SCCY, also offer one.  It’s probably the best.

After you open the box your SCCY firearm came in, one of the first things you’ll see is a card advertising the “No Questions Asked” warranty for the life of the gun, not the owner.  I thought, “okay, we’ll see.”  Seeing that the SCCY CPX-2 that I bought was “cheap”, I figured this may come in handy down the line.

Seeing that the SCCY CPX-2 is a new firearm in general, there are bound to be some issues.  Right out of the box, I noticed one magazine slid into the pistol no problem.  The other, however, I had to smack for it to lock in place (both magazines were using the pinky extension baseplate).  Not really a BIG deal, but I figured it was strange since it didn’t happen with the others.  I swapped out the extended baseplates for the flat ones (which I don’t like), just to see if the problem went away.  It did.

That led me to believe that it was that one baseplate.  I emailed SCCY through their website, and very soon they emailed me back with a name and number to call.  After calling that number, that specifically named person answered the phone.  After explaining the problem, he said, “We remolded the baseplates.  Just call the factory (gave me the number), and ask to speak with (name here).  Tell them I sent you, and they’ll send you some new baseplates out."

I did what he said, and after telling them it was only one giving me the problem, in less than a week, I received four new baseplates in the mail: two flat, and two with the extension.  They were all remolded, and they all worked PERFECTLY.

sccy cpx2 review warranty service no questions asked compact 9mm handgun pistol baseplate magazine

That was my first encounter.

The first time I took my SCCY to the range, it functioned flawlessly.  I then cleaned it, put my defensive ammunition in it (147 grain Hornady Custom hollow points), and put it away, carrying it occasionally in my pocket.  The second time I took it to the range, I was getting a failure to extract after about every other round with both magazines.  This was quite displeasing.  I decided to email SCCY again.

They gave me the same number and name to call as before.  Perhaps he is the regional rep.  Regardless, he said to call the factory and speak to a different person, and they would take care of me.  After a short conversation with that person, I was emailed a shipping label, and I boxed up my firearm and shipped it out.

THE NEXT WEEK (yes really), I got it back with a brand new slide.  They even replaced the slide lock/release with the new version (which I was both happy and unhappy about.  See my full review for more information).  While talking to the gentleman at the factory before sending it out, I asked if they test fire it before sending it out.  He said they load both magazines fully, and test fire.  Now THAT is a test.  The slide actually looked a little different then my original, so perhaps there was a new version of it.

Regardless, the “No Questions Asked” warranty service was phenomenal.  It was crazy fast, and did not cost me one cent.  I hope I do not have any more problems with the SCCY, but if I do, I know that I will have no problems getting it fixed.

Do you have any questions about the warranty service that I did not answer?  Ask in the comments, or tweet us @randomfirearm, and we’ll answer them!  Be safe, and keep shooting!

sccy cpx2 review warranty service no questions asked compact 9mm handgun pistol baseplate


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