Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ammo Review - TulAmmo BrassMaxx (9mm)

sccy cxp2 smith and wesson M&p9 tulammo brassmaxx steel core magnetic ammo 9mm review

Let’s face it: I don’t think ammo prices will ever be dirt cheap like they used to be.  While prices still have come down, everyone is always looking for a bargain.  When it comes to ammo these days, brands like Wolf and TulAmmo have the cheap market covered.  However, many indoor range shooters will find that these brands are commonly not allowed due to their steel cores that can spark and create fires.  Also, with trade/importation embargoes against Russia, there is a scare that this cheap ammo may go away.  TulAmmo has an answer.

I was in Walmart the other day looking to pick up some ammo when I saw something called “BrassMaxx”.  I saw that it was made my TulAmmo, so I thought maybe there was a brass case with the same old steel core bullet.  I did a quick search online before buying it and discovered these rounds failed the magnet test.  I decided to buy the little white jar.  I got it for about $22.  The jar contains 100 115 grain rounds and says made in Bosnia and Herzegovina on it.

So when I got home, I checked first with a magnet and found that they are indeed indoor range approved.  A couple days later, I headed off to the range with my Smith and Wesson M&P 9 and my SCCY CPX-2 to test these rounds out.  When I got to the range, they didn’t even do the magnet test; they just looked and said it was fine.

I first started off with my M&P 9.  The grouping was nothing spectacular (keep in mind that I am not the best shooter).  It was interesting to note that the slide did not lock back on the last round, multiple times with each magazine.  I didn’t expect that, but continued anyway.

sccy cxp2 smith and wesson M&p9 tulammo brassmaxx steel core magnetic ammo 9mm review
The SCCY also fed them well, however, the same issue in that the slide did not lock back after the last round with both magazines occurred.  Both the SCCY and the M&P 9 had this issue with about every other magazine.  The SCCY also experienced one failure to feed.

sccy cxp2 smith and wesson M&p9 tulammo brassmaxx steel core magnetic ammo 9mm review

Each round did fire and landed where I was aiming.  I am very dumbfounded by the slides not locking back every now and then.  I don’t know if I can attribute that to the BrassMaxx.  Perhaps they don’t have enough power to get the slide all the way back?  If that’s the case, why did I not get any other malfunctions except the one failure to feed?

All in all, if you are looking for something cheap to play with at your indoor ranges, I would recommend BrassMaxx.  With this slide issue, I would not recommend these rounds for anything serious.  Normally I would not contribute that to an ammunition issue, but since it happened on two very different firearms, it leaves me thinking that it was.  Have you used this ammunition?  What do you think about it?  Let me know in the comments below!  Thanks for reading!

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smeisme said...

9mm at a Walmart?

DB Production Company said...

This was a long time ago. Back when people were not as easily offended.

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