Friday, July 24, 2020

Official SCCY DVG-1 Availability Statement

sccy dvg-1 shipping covid-19 when will the dvg-1 be available

There has been quite the talk about the DVG-1 not being available anywhere. There have been a number of people that are even blaming SCCY. I am in no way affiliated with SCCY, but I stand by them and their products. I decided to reach out to my contacts there and see about an official statement.

First off, I don’t know if many of you have noticed, but we are in the middle of a pandemic at the moment. I do the social media for a gun shop in Orlando, Florida, and I can tell you that it has been madness. The moment that talks of lock downs were happening, EVERYONE ran to buy a firearm. People didn’t know what they were buying, and they didn’t care about the price. They didn’t even care if we didn’t have the ammo for it. They bought EVERYTHING.

What does that mean? That means there is a massive demand, and manufacturers and distributors are struggling to keep up.

Here is how gun sales work from the factory:
  • The factory needs to get materials shipped to them (steel, plastic, and so on) from outside sources
  • The factory makes the guns with that material
  • Distributors buy guns from the factory in bulk and at wholesale prices
  • Gun stores (FFLs) buy those guns from distributors
  • The citizen buys from the FFL

SCCY has said that they are running 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, and that they have been for some time just to try and keep up. The orders they have are exceeding what they can keep up with for the long running CPX series as is, let alone the new DVG-1.

“It’s going to take some time to see volume,” SCCY explained. They also said that they are intentionally starting with a slower production to maintain quality control since this is a brand new product for them.

“You’ll see more and more available in the near future, but with anything new, it takes times to convert machines, fixtures, train operators... etc.”

SCCY reiterated the fact that they are running 24/7. However, Covid-19 has indeed given them some issues that’re making such a feat challenging. They are not receiving supplies as abundantly as before, and they have to keep their staff safe. “To us, our staff is our top priority and we will continue to evolve with the situation.”

Back to my personal take... I believe that SCCY is doing the best that they can. Remember the toilet paper shortage we had a while ago? In all honesty, this is the same thing. Toilet paper manufacturers were doing everything they could to get the product to their distributors, and stores were buying up as much as they could to stock their shelves. However, people came in and panic bought everything. When product did start to slowly come back in, people ran up and took it.

It’s the same in the gun world right now. Factories can’t magically go faster. Safety and quality standards HAVE to be followed. The DVG-1 will start getting out there soon! Just hang tight.

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SubVet said...

So nowhere did you say what happened to the guns SCCY themselves said they shipped to distributors on June 17. There are no DVG1s anywhere that anybody knows of ??? Why won’t SCCY talk to their fan base and followers. Sounds like more BS.

Unknown said...

I order 2 cpx-2 pistols and I am on the 4th month now. I am not jumping up and down but 4 months is a ways out there. Ir sure would be nice to get my purchase

SamDrucker said...

I called the main office yesterday (7Dec2020), the lady that answered the phone said "Demand was so high we had to shut down production." What????? But that's what she said.

DB Production Company said...

It could be that demand for the proven and popular CPX line was too high to focus on the DVG line.

19mike59 said...

12/30/20 now. Have seen hide not hair of the DVG-1 anywhere for sale or order. When will these be avai6?

19mike59 said...

*nor, *available

DB Production Company said...

I would imagine, and this is just speculation, that production is focused more on the tried and true CPX line due to overwhelming public demand due tot he panic buying.

Unknown said...

i have been waiting for over a year. when i called i was told they would be in gun shops in april. last april,i doubt i will live long enough to see one. do you know anyone who has?

Unknown said...

I have e-mailed and called the factory. I "feel" like I been given the run a round. Pretty soon I will give up on them.

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