Friday, September 4, 2015

Smith and Wesson Warranty Review

smith and wesson M&P9 9mm warranty review random firearm dylan benson

For those of you who have read this blog before, you know that I am a fan of the SCCY CPX-2, but you know that I am a huge fan of SCCY’s no questions asked warranty.  I love warranties in general.  For me, that will be the deciding factor for me when comparing two similar products from different companies: who has the better warranty.

To my knowledge, Smith and Wesson has a lifetime warranty for the original owner of a firearm.

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Smith and Wesson.  A good old fashioned brand that makes quality firearm.  When I discovered the M&P 9, I figured it was easy to decide that that would be my first striker fired pistol (yes I know… no Glock).  I was very happy with my purchase.  It’s a great shooter, had the options I wanted (or lack of: no external safety or magazine disconnect safety), and it’s well made.  However, even the most well made products have faults sometimes.

I don’t fire all of my guns all the time, but when I do, I clean them right away, coat them in some RIG gun grease, and put them away.  One day I took out my M&P 9 after it had had this treatment, I took a microfiber towel and I wiped all the grease off.  To my surprise, I found rust on the rear sight and other various parts of the slide.

smith and wesson M&P9 9mm warranty review rust random firearm dylan benson

smith and wesson M&P9 9mm warranty review rust random firearm dylan benson

When I first got this firearm, I filled out the warranty registration form online.  I know there are some of you out there who will be like, “I’m not registering anything I have!  I don’t want them knowing what I have!  Second Amendment!  Freedom, freedom, freedom…!”  Well, it’s your lose, because it saved my ass.

I first went online after noticing the rust and filled out their warranty claim.  They sent an automated response back asking some more questions.  After filling all that out, I called Smith and Wesson and asked to speak to their warranty department just to make sure this would be covered.  I had an almost zero wait time before I spoke with someone.  The gentleman at S&W informed me that this issue would be most likely covered under warranty.  The “most likely” kind of made me nervous, but I decided I would send it in anyway.

Smith sent me a shipping label, and I boxed it up and sent it to them.  After a few weeks, I gave them a call to check on the progress.  S&W informed me that they were backlogged, and that my firearm was in their system, but it had not even been looked at yet.  I asked if I would get I back before a certain date, and I was assured it would be.

About a week later, I received my firearm back.  They had replaced the slide and a few other components.  The whole process took about three weeks.  It was at no cost to me.  I was shocked that the M&P rusted to begin with (and so was the guy at the warranty/service department), but it did, and Smith took care of it.  I’ve always like Smith, but after dealing with them this way, even though their product rusted, I’m even more quick to purchase from them again.

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